Rock Wool Insulation Boad

Key Performance

Less heat loss

Lower energy bills

Protected building structure

Lower temperature fluctuations

Fewer damp issues

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Kingflex rock wool insulation board is mainly used for external wall. It is together with the roof, form the envelope of any building, protecting everyone and everything inside.
They also cover the largest surface area, making them a prime area for preventing heat loss. The main place where heat is lost is by escaping through poorly insulated walls.

Technical indicators

technical performance


Thermal conductivity


Normal temperature

Slag inclasion content






Fiber diameter


Service temperature


Moisture rate



Tolerance of density



With Kingflex rock wool insulation board, living spaces can be made warm, energy efficient and compliant with modern building standards – as well as gaining additional benefits in terms of acoustics, indoor comfort and fire safety.

Discover the importance of insulation for exterior walls, and the positive impacts it can bring. have many advantages such as light weight, good performance as a whole and low coefficient of heat conductivity. They are widely used in construction and other industries in heat preservation field. It also has a good function of sound absorption, so it can be used to reduce the industrial noise and deal with the sound absorption in building.
Kingflex rock wool is produced with natural basalt as main material, melted in high temperature and made into artificial abio-fibers by high speed centrifugal equipment, then added with special agglomerates and dust-proof oil, heated and solidified into various rock wool heat preservation products in different specifications according to different requirements.

Rock wool boards       water-proof rock wool boards
size mm length 100  width 630   thick 30-120
density kg/m³ 80-220


Kingflex rock wool insulation board is central to developing energy-efficient walls, and meets modern code requirements by providing continuous insulation for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


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